About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of A Parent's Choice Learning Academy is to enhance the quality of life for our children, our families and our staff, through quality education and family partnering.

Our goals are:

  • To provide quality child care and development.
  • To provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of the child as a whole.
  • To support all staff by offering opportunities for personal, and professional growth.

A Parent's Choice is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Human Services and is privately owned and operated.

General Information

Our program offers opportunities to enhance the educational experiences of young children beyond what they would normally receive, (which in some instances, would be no pre-school training) by offering quality child care services while providing parents with the opportunity to focus on work.

Ages Served
A parent's choice serves children from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years old. We also offer before and after school care. We operate a summer program for the same age group.

Education Program
The curriculum we use makes sense to a child, stimulates creativity, facilitates play and builds confidence! These fun, age-appropriate activities give children new and exciting ways to observe the world around them each day. Your child’s self-motivation, pride and sense of accomplishment will increase with each activity he/she completes.

The program includes:

  • Bachelor-level, CDA, and CPR certified teachers
  • Low Adult-to-Child Ratios
  • Development Appropriate Curriculum
  • Reading, Music, Art and Dramatic play
  • Christian and home environment

Infant Program
One of the most difficult decisions you may make is that of leaving your infant in the care of another person. Our trained staff understands the needs of infants (6 weeks to 15 months). Therefore, each baby is assigned to a caregiver who will respond to his or her special needs. This nurturing environment allows special attention to each baby’s feeding, diapering and rest schedule.

A Parent's Choice furnishes full day children with a nutritious breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack each day. All of our menus are prepared to meet the daily requirements of children, in accordance with USDA guidelines.

After lunch, a nap period is provided for all preschool children.

Non-Discrimination Policy
A Parent's Choice is operated in accordance with USDA policy, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, or national origin.

Open Door Policy
A Parent's Choice has an “open door” policy. Feel free to visit unannounced at any time.

Tuition & Fees
Tuition is due and payable weekly on the child’s first day of attendance. There is a yearly registration fee. This non-refundable fee covers supplemental insurance, administrative costs and supplies.

Our directors and teaching staff are child development specialists, with professional training. We are enthusiastic, loving and sensitive to the needs of each child and family. Communications with parents is of the utmost importance and we welcome parent participation, questions and comments.